Everyone can bid

but can they match and sync ?

The combination of our trading desk team together with our yield optimization engine gave rise to perfection

We are A team of sensational tech and media experts who are powering the greatest

Yield Optimization Engine

In the last 2 years the programmatic channel have been growing up fast in scale and technology fluctuations are inevitable.

The clear separation into multiple exchanges, with very limited audience reach, lead us to understand that there is only one solution to simple move forward and improve our clients ROI.

  • Yield optimization

    Powerful backend engine with automated dissection making to maximize results

  • Cookie synching

    Synching between multiply environments in order to get maximum reach over multiple exchanges and supply sources

  • Multiple exchanges

    Connection to multiple exchanges and supply sources with the ability to listen to over Billion imps a day

  • Global reach

    International capabilities cross all devices

  • Audience analytics

    Data mining and information extraction around the clock

  • Better results

    Achieving ROI in no time




Demand Sources




Ad Exchanges